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Objective and local – first-hand Alpine information

Alpine Information available in Oberstdorf is unlike any other in the Alps, with everything you need to know about the entire hiking region on a single website.

Hiking is BOOMING! With a huge number of inquiries reaching us every day, we decided already some time ago to create an extensive website about all detailed Alpine information. This Website ist packed with so much detailed Information that there are only few questions left. www.oberstdorf.de / alpininfo

  • Basic information about route descriptions
  • Information about equipment
  • Detailed weather information for all altitude levels
  • Special information on the accessibility of individual route sections
  • Newly published, detailed route descriptions with elevation profiles and GPS downloads
Tourismus Oberstdorf

A tip from our Alpine advisor
“Check our latest mountain sports report daily. This provides you with full information about the conditions of the individual hiking trails.”

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