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Do you have some questions about your safe holiday in Oberstdorf and the corona safety measures currently in force? You are welcome to inform yourself on our FAQ sites.

All statements in our "Questions & Answers" have been made to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot take any responsibility for the completeness of all contents. We will update this page constantly in order to inform you as good as possible.

Furthermore, we kindly ask you inform yourself on the official page of the Bavarian Government as well:
FAQs - frequently asked questions .
Here you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the rules in Bavaria.

The lockdown decided on December 13, 2020 is valid all over Germany up to at least March 28, 2021.

Beschluss von Bund und Ländern zur Bekämpfung der Coronavirus-Pandemie vom 03. März 2021

At the same time, the government has announded a graduated scheme for the re-opening of social life.

The governments will discuss further opening steps and perspectives for the gastronomy, cultur, events, travel and hotel industry on March 22, 2021.

Ban for overnight stays

All citizens are asked not to make any journeys for a private purpose as well as visits - also of relatives in general.
This is valid for domestic areas as well as for national day trips.

Overnight stays in domestic areas will only be offerd for necessary and expressly non touristic reasons.

Closing of ALL accommodation facilities in Oberstdorf for touristic overnight stays

Since November 2, 2020 only overnight stays for a business reason have been allowed at all accommodation facilities in Oberstdorf. Touristic overnight stays are forbidden.

Renouncing of day trips

Citizens all over Germany are asked not to do any travelling which is not necessary.

Visits of relatives, friends etc. is to be limited to an absolute minimum.

Who decides to make a day trip abroad has to go to quarantine after his return for 10 days (in Bavaria).

Is it allowed to visit my secondary home in Oberstdorf?

The federal government advises not to do any travelling which is not absolutely necessary.

In Bavaria it is only allowed to leave your home for an important reason. Therefore, it is only allowed to visit your secondary home if you are personally registered as user/owner on site. It is not allowed to host guests.

Are camping sites open?

For permanent camps, who have registerd their secondary home on a camping site, the following applies: they can still stay there overnight. Common used facilities, such as sanitary facilities, have to stay closed. For the rest of the camping site the ban of overnight offers for touristic purpose is valid

Contact restrictions

Contacts to other persons outside members of our own household have to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Which regulations for social contacts and public areas will apply?

Staying in public as well as private space is limited to persons of your own household and 1 other person plus children of this person not older than 3 years.

Starting on March 8 each household can meet with 1 other household, limited of up to 5 persons (kids until 14 years not included). Couples are counted as 1 household.

If the 7-days-incidence stays over 100 on 3 consecutive days however, there is an "emergency break". Starting on the second following weekday the previous rule will apply, i.e. one household can meet only with 1 other person, kids up to 14 years excluded.

Curfew at night for a 7 days incidence more than 100

The curfew exists from 10 pm to 5 am in all districts and cities having a 7 days incidence more than 100.
For all districts and cities having a 7 days incidence of less than 100 for at least 7 days, the curfew is not valid anymore.

Mask obligation in Bavaria

There is an extended "mask obiligation" (coverage of mouth and nose) in Bavaria.

It relates to the use of all public transportation ("ÖPNV"). There is also a duty at your working place, except you can keep a distance of 1.5 m to the next person.

Besides, there can be specific duties for wearing a mask.
The "mask obligation" is valid until further notice for all staff members, all customers and their companions in enterprises of wholesale and retail with client transport as well as in shopping malls and sales stands on markets as well as on parking areas belonging to the shops/malls.
Further information (in German):
Weitere Informationen und Ausnahmen

special rule during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Feb. 24 - March 7, 2021 in Oberstdorf

The district of Oberallgäu disposed about a mask obligation and ban of alcohol during the time of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2021 Oberstdorf / Allgäu.

From Feb. 24 until March 7, 2021 this regulation is valid on the following places:

• the areas Kurpark, Fuggerpark as well as Marktplatz mit parking area Altes Rathaus
• the areas Audi-Arena mit with parking, ice skating area with parking and Oybele-Halle with parking
• the area Bahnhofplatz (train station)
• the area cross country stadium Ried with parking

An exception for the mask obligation exists from 10 pm to 6 am.

The maps of these areas can be found on.

mask obligation for wearing FFP2 masks on public transportation and retail from January 18, 2021 on

In Bavaria there is a mask obligation for wearing FFP2 masks, starting on January 18, 2021 on public transportation and in all retail stores.

Do children also have to wear a mask?

Kids up to their 6th birthday do not have to wear a mask.

Information on Bavarian Corona traffic light system

The Bavarian Health Department has decided about a corona traffic light system. The regulations will apply as soon as the number of new infections in a county or county-free city increase more than 35, 50 or 100 per 100.000 inhabitants within a week.

The latest information about every county can be found here:

or in the Bayerischen Ministerialblatt

A county or county-free city will stay on the list until the numbers fall below the limit for 6 full days.

District of Oberallgäu

The responsable and ordering authority for Oberstdorf is the district office Oberallgäu - Health Office.

7-days-incidence-number of the county of Oberallgäu:

Booking and cancellation
Booking and cancellation

What happens if there is another travel restriction due to the pandemic?

The rules of the German Tourism Association will apply

Is an arrival to Oberstdorf possible?

It is possible to drive to Oberstdorf. However, there is a ban of overnight stays in Oberstdorf from November 2, 2020 (this ban is valid all over Germany).

Travels and trips which are not necessary should not be done.

Citizens from counties with more than 200 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within 7 days may only stay within a radius of 15 km from their home. Exceptions are only for a satisrated reason - touristic day trips are not a satisrated reason!

Arrival from abroad

In future, who enters from a risk area abroad has to be tested on his entry or 48 hours before. The duty of a 10-days quarantine, which can be stopped after 5 days because of a negative testing, is still valid.

Furthermore we would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that travelling to risk areas without a satisrated reason are to be avoided. Also, besides the testing and quarantine duties there is a duty for a digital entry form in case of entering from risk areas.


All restaurants, bars and similar facilities are closed expect for delivery services and take-away.

Our bakeries, butchers and grocery stores are open:

Which restaurants are open for take-away?

A list with latest to go offers at all restaurants, cafes Oberstdorf:

Corona testing in Oberstdorf

New: testing center Oberstdorf (since Feb. 22) for all citizens of Bavaria

Bavarian Testing Center Kempten-Oberallgäu

The state of Bavaria covers the payment of the testing of asymptomatic citizens of Bavaria. Persons without a registered address in Bavaria are counted as "citizens" only if they have a bonding to Bavaria.

This "bonding" to Bavaria assumes a certain period of time and certain reason for the stay. Both conditions have to be there cumulative.
A stay of at least 3 weeks is provided, this planned period of stay has to be proven by a working contract or any other circumstance.
This is valid for e.g. seasonal workers, assembly workers, so called live-in care workers, if the mentioned conditions will apply.
Thus, there is a right for workers of hotels, restaurants etc. as well for this testing in a Bavarian testing center.

In order to make the testing accessible as easy as possible there are 3 testing centers in the county of Oberallgäu:

- Testing center Kempten (Artillerie barracks)
- Testing center Sonthofen ("Marktanger")
- Testing center Sonthofen – branch Oberstdorf - for the time being for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
(at the motorhome parking, Address: Hermann-von-Barth-Str.)

A registration for the testing is possible for all testing centers on

You can choose at which center you would like to register. Hotels can register for all staff members (collected), they can get a guide for this registration.

Please use this way of registration for your staff members primarily.

Should any staff member wish to register himself/herself as an exception, the adddress of the hotels has to be named as residence, if there is no other registerd address in Bavaria.

Please use this offer for the testing.

The branch in Oberstdorf has been open since Feb. 22


Öffnungszeiten der Testzentren

Contact persons at the district office Oberallgäu:
fon: +49 - (0)8321 / 612 - 0, Abteilung 4 – Mensch und Gesellschaft - in Sonthofen

Private Testing center Oberstdorf

Testcenter Oberstdorf
for guests and natives
Where: administration building of the Explorer Hotel,
An der Breitach 7, 87538 Fischen
Implementation of Antigen-Tests, PCR-Tests (Laboratory by AllgäuLab)
Antigentests directly on site (Testing duration approx. 15 minutes);
PCR-Tests, within 24 h by E-Mail/SMS/WhatsApp/Corona-Warning-App
costs: Antigentest from 27 Euro to 37 Euro
PCR-Test from 59 Euro bto 69 Euro

Note: during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Feb. 23 - March 7, 2021) there are limited opening times at this testing center.

leisure facilities

All leisure facilities have been closed since Nov. 2.
This includes all cable cars, Allgäu Coaster, museums, the gorge Breitachklamm, the little conch train, the skijumping area, cinemas, ice skating, gyms and all other leisure facilities.

As soon as we have information about the re-opening will will publish this on our website.

Information about the skiing areas

Due to the present unforeseen corona situation and the prolonged protectional measures of the governments the cable cars/ski lifts OBERSTDORF - KLEINWALSERTAL BERGBAHNEN are presently not in operation.

Information about the Nordic Zentrum Oberstdorf
shopping and retails stores

Starting on March 8, 2021 opening steps for retail stores are planned, depending on the local incidence numbers.

More information (in German):

Some shops offer contatless pick-up or delivery services as well.

Medical necessary treatments

Physiotherapy, ergo therapy, medical pedicure and all other medical services can stay open under consideration of hygiene concept restrictions.

Are hair dressers open?

Hair dressers are still closed. They can open on March 1, 2021 under consideration of hygiene measures, control of enty with reservations and a duty to wear FFP2 masks (clients and staff).

Which shops offer click & collect?

Kirchstraße 6 Fon +49 8322/7565
Nebelhorn Holzschnitzerei e. K
Oststraße 27 Fon +49 8322 / 2339 oder 01714108070
Bears & Friends Shop
Marktplatz 4 Fon +49 8322/40166880176 / 20312907
Bienenkorb Lifestyle
Oststraße 6 Fon +49 175/5000498
Berghisle Oberstdorf Maloja-Store
Trettachstraße 1 Fon +49 8322/9400520
The Store
Nebelhornstraße 39 Fon +49 8322 / 9871313 oder 0151/2252 4524
Schrofengasse 1 Fon +49 8322 / 800555
Galerie AndO Oberstdorfer Holzschnitzerei
Oststraße 36
Fon +49 8322 / 3929
Stahlwaren Wagner
Weststraße 7 Fon +49 8322 / 98500
Nebelhornstraße 11 Fon +49 8322 / 5381 FAX 08322 / 7465
Bücher Edele
Oststraße 19 Fon +49 8322 / 98306
Imminger Gesunde Schuhe
Weststraße 26 Fon +49 8322 / 9782700 oder 8322 / 978276
Elfi S’ Modehaus Sange
Oststraße 1 Fon +49 172/3755945
Betten Högerle e .K
Nebelhornstraße 17 Fon +49 8322/15000 FAX 08322 /1701
Weststraße 13

subject to changes
This list does not claim to be complete.

Latest update: January 18, 2021

public transportation
Railway connections to Oberstdorf

On regular train connections can be found.


Busses operate according to regular schedule:"Fahrpläne für das südliche Oberallgäu":

No minimum distance but mask obligation

No minimum distance but mask obligation on the bus and at all stops. There is no limitations of guests. Tickets can be bought on the bus and at the sales´ points.

Trips into our region

Who enters from a risk area from abroad has to go to a testing on entering or 48 hours before. The duty for a ten-days-quarantine, which can be ended from the 5th day on by a negative testing, is still valid. Furthermore, please pay attention to the fact that non necessary travelling to a risk area without a satisrated reason are to be avoided.

Furthermore, there is a duty for digital registration on entry from risk areas besides a testing and quarantine duty.

Can I travel to the "Kleinwalsertal" (Austria)?

Please inform yourself prior to your arrival about the latest situation on site. Your contact is the community of Mittelberg. Please do also consider the COVID19 measures in the Kleinwalsertal.

Gemeinde Mittelberg

Vaccination possibilities in Oberstdorf

The vaccination plan of the German Government foresees that every citizen is contacted by the responsible authority as soon as he is at his turn (according priority order agreed all over Germany).

First citizens with the highest priority are contacted. The district office will inform gradually in public when the next group can be vaccinated.

At the following places the vaccination can be done

Vaccination Center Sonthofen

Where: "Grünten" barracks, Sonthofen
registration after appointment
free of charge

Vaccination Center Kempten

Where: at the former staff building of the "Artillerie" barracks Kaufbeurer Straße 80
registration necessary
free of charge

Events / Culture
Events and culture

Events of all kinds are forbidden expect for church services and assemblies according to the Bavarian law

Guest programme

At present there is no guest programme.


Supplement to normal equipment:
Besides the normal rescue equipment a mouth nose coverage and desinfection material belong to your backpack.

How do I behave while hiking?

The regular rules of distance and hygiene have also be obeyed while hiking. More information on:

How do I behave for First Aid in the mountains?

First-Aid rules have to be obeyed by first responders. An additional mouth nose coverage is to be worn.

Health & Help
How do I react in case of an infection?

Should you have symptoms (cough, fever or respiratory problems) please inform your host immediately and stay in our room/apartment. Dial 116117 - the phone number of the medical service. They will inform you about a further procedure.

How many CoV infections are registered in the region of the Oberallgäu?

Latest numbers of corona infections in the region of the "Oberallgäu" can be found on the COVID-19-Dashboard

Team Tourism Oberstdorf is available for you!

At present the Tourist Information Offices in Oberstdorf are closed for the public.

However, you can still reach the team of Tourism Oberstdorf from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm by e-mail: or phone +49 8322 7000.

For Bavaria there is a coronavirus hotline, which is available every day from 8 am to 6 pm:
Fon +49 89 122 220

The Bavarian Ministry for Health offers another hotline number every day from 8 am - 6 pm:
Fon +49 9131 6808 5101

Safety rules english

Adobe PDF 852,75 kB
Angelegt am 06/15/2020

Tourism signpost

Travel in Germany, overview of easing and restrictions. An information offer from the Federal Competence Center for Tourism.

Where do I get more information (English and German)?

district authority of the region of Oberallgäu (in German)
Robert Koch-Institut (in English)
Federal Ministry of Health (in English)

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