Blick von der Skiflugschanze über den Freibergsee
Oberstdorfer Eiszeit 2013
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A dream of ice

Snow fell silently over night, and all sharp edges disappeared under the downy white cover. People greet each other on the streets somewhat more friendly than the day before and take a secret delight in the new soft sculptures.

The lungs stretch out, and the soul draws a deep breath in the clear, dry air. The priest, Sebastian Kneipp had already acquired this knowledge when he claimed that a winter cure replaced two summer cures. Somehow it’s far easier to forget the everyday hustle and bustle. Everything seems to slow down, quiet down and become more intimate, and still - or perhaps just because of that - the day is not any emptier. A walk through the snow to the magical „crystal palace“of the Breitachklamm will bring blood to your cheeks or a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh will fill your heart with gratitude because of the overwhelming beauty. After an hour of ice skating, a round of curling or a toboggan ride, you will find a drink of punch particularly tasty. Seldom do you sleep better than after a day out in the fresh winter air. Seldom do you get more enjoyment out of doing something that promotes your health.

Discover how the bizarre winter landscape suddenly makes old myths and legends come alive as you ride through a dazzling white winter world or stroll through the icicle-hung Breitachklamm