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"Breitachklamm" - Breitach gorge

The Breitachklamm (gorge) used to be called the big clamp. The location of the entrance to the Breitachklamm is not far from Tiefenbach. A unique miracle of nature!

“There the water of the Breitach boils, booms and whooshes” through the flume with nearly 100 meter high, vertical and overhanging walls. The water rushes over the high shelves, bubbles through the deep flume and sprays into fine drops in which the light illuminates. Some of the gloomy walls of the flume have never seen the sun. The dark green moss and the delicate fern love the humidity and some spruces are growing on the shelves.

Since 1905, the Breitachklamm has been made available as a trail. Reverend Johannes Schiebel encouraged the Tiefenbach citizens to build a trail to the Breitachklamm; it was a remarkable undertaking for the town.

Except during the snowmelt and in the late autumn you can walk on the trail year-round. Those who have been in the gorge in the summer should see it in the winter. The huge icicles make you feel as if you are in an ice palace.