Viehscheid in Schöllang
Kranzbinderin Jule Schleich
Viehscheid Schöllang
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Flowers for the beauty queen

In September, when the young cattle are driven from the alpine pastures back to their village quarters, it is not only a feast for the visitors’ eyes.

Dates of the "Viehscheid"
Directly in Oberstdorf: September 13th 2013
At the local District Schöllang: September 12th 2013

This is also when people reflect back to the day when the livestock moved to the mountains in order to make sure of a good hay-harvest in the valley.

As in the past, they hope all animals will return unharmed, for it is only then that the best-looking cow is entitled to wear the ornate head-dress. One marvels at the all-round soundness they acquired from the rich grass of the Alpine meadows and ponders over the time gone by and the time to come.

Much has changed, but the „Viehscheid“ in Oberstdorf is still the oldest in the Upper Allgäu, and the one at Schöllang is as familiar as ever. After all, this tradition is just as much a part of the village as the mountains are, and on top of that, it is another wonderful festival to look forward to each year