Oberstdorfer Marktbähnle train

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Oberstdorf Marktbähnle train

Fun rides for people of all ages
The Oberstdorf Marktbähnle can hold 45 people. In addition to the normal rows of seats, there is also a wheelchair space for the disabled. A round trip on the Oberstdorf Marktbähnle is the best way to really get to know your holiday location and its enticing surrounding area. Climb on board and join us on a journey of discovery. In addition to the round trips on the Oberstdorf Marktbähnle, there are numerous other services that you can find out about in the Tourist Information Offices.

Oberstdorf Marktbähnle train
Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 8 55 1

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