Viehscheid Schöllang
Musiker am Fellhorn
Wreath cow and shepherds
Wreath cow and shepherds
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Every year in the early summer the farmers send the young cattle to their summer resort, the mountains.

They stay there for approximately 100 days, where the air does not smell like gas, and the grass would get through the technical inspection agency without any lead content -if something like this existed.

Dairymaids do not exist in the Allgäu; instead you can find alpine herdsmen, which take care of the cattle. The alpine meadows of the Allgäu and their herdsmen enjoy a good reputation because year after year even the season-guest-cattle from the lowlands stay on the Oberstdorfer alps for rest.

Walking dignified through the summer with big and small cowbells around their necks, do they delight the vacationists heart and calm down some disquietingly souls.

When the pasture time comes to an end in September and if nothing happened to the animals - the herdsmens, St. Wendelin and St. Rochus try to avoid this - It is time for the big event days: the Oberstdorfer and Schöllanger Viehscheid.

The alpine herdsman with his beautiful wreath-cattle lead the way, followed by the herd. The wreath-cattle is the most beautiful animal and is decorated with a large girdle of flowers, twigs and ribbons, which is a true glory.
The bell around the neck is in no way inferior in greatness and beauty to the wreath. The Allgäuer cattle carries all this in a stoical manner to the valley, to the pride of the herdsmen and to the delight of the guests. The word Viehscheid means that the cattle gets separated on a big place: each cattle goes back to its owner. Here takes place a true fair with music for brass instruments, a sausage stand, with lots, and lots of beer!

The Allgäuer brown cattle are the hallmark of our land. It is healthy and beautiful, has character and according to its social position recognized liberties. This should be considered by everyone, when all of a sudden you are encircled in your car by tails, horns and serious cow faces. The cattle have the oldest rights, and these are to be respected even in the hectic pace of the 21century.