Angels and donkeys

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Then how about taking your bike to the Rohrmoos valley.

In Rohrmoos lies the oldest wood Chappel in Southern Germany. The chapel of St. Anna’s may look inconspicuous from the outside,
but the interior painting dating back to the late 16th century is unique in the Bavarian Alps.

Name: Kapelle Sankt Anna
Street: Rohrmoos
PLZ - Town: 87561 - Oberstdorf
Religious denomination: römisch-katholisch

The depiction of the Last Judgement is unusual and contains many impressive details.

A visit to the Loretto chapels on the southern outskirts is an absolute must, where all art-lovers are fascinated by the baroque sculptures
and miracle-working image. The Appach chapel shows relics of Gothic frescoes and the Joseph’s chapel contains the works of local masters
such as the famous „Palm Donkey“ dating back to 1729.

Name: Loretto kapellen - St. Maria Loretto
Street: Lorettostrasse
PLZ - Town: 87561 - Oberstdorf
Religious denomination: römisch-katholisch

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