Fellhorn cable car

In the winter time, this ski area lets the skier’s heart beat faster.

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The valley station of the Fellhorn cable car is located between the Heini-Klopfer-ski jump and Birgsau.

Fellhorn is 1,949 metres high and is located near the border of Germany andAustria. The “flower mountain” is known
for its fields of beautiful alpine roses,which usually bloom in June / July. A great variety of hiking trails in summer, more than 20 km of ski slopes in winter and a fun park make the Fellhorn a worth experience in every season.

In this area, you have the choice between five draglifts and one chair lift. Furthermore, the Fellhorn is linked to the Kanzelwand ski area of the Kleinwalsertal (two-countries-ski-area). In the summer time, hikers will find Germanys most beautiful flower-mountain. The Fellhornbahn offers amongst others guided hikes on the flower nature trail and a sightseeing tour through an alpine dairy pasture - Alpe Schlappold.

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Panoramakarte Fellhorn - Kanzelwand

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