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Those who take on the 200 km walking network all around Oberstdorf, leave behind their stress, hectic pace and everyday life. Together with the neighboring Kleinwalsertal, Oberstdorf is the largest hiking and mountain sport area on the north edge of the Alps.

Over designed footpaths, to quaint mountain cottages, the Oberstdorf mountains invite you to a hiking holiday in order to experience the "highlights of nature" in quiet and without crowding.

Footpaths (walkable both in summer and in winter)

Trettachtal (valley)
Mühlenbrücke – Oybelehalle – Kühberg – Oybachmündung – over the Trettach river by using the bridge to the Cafe Jägerstand – on the western side following the Trettach River
back to Mühlenbrücke.
Altitude: 814–860 m
Roundtrip: 3.8 km

Moorweiher (pond)
Mühlenbrücke – going up the mountain (easy walk) towards Moorbad – walking the nature
trail to the “Moorweiher” – then different possibilities back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 814–896 m
Roundtrip: 2.8 km

Gebrgoibe (golf course)
Mühlenbrücke – following the Trettach (little river) until Oybachmündung – Gruben –
Zwingbrücke (3.6 km) – back to the golf course – Moorweiher – Krappberg and then through the meadow – trails back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 814–896 m
Roundtrip: 8 km

South plain
Oberstdorf Haus – Sebastian- Kneipp-Weg – Freibergstraße –
Meyersoygasse – pass under the western bypass – over Ziegel- bachbrücke – Karatsbichl – Freibergstraße – back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 814 m
Roundtrip: 3.5 km

Tiefenbach / Weidach
Marktplatz (market) – Weststraße – Schlechtenbrücke – Reute – Tiefenbach/Weidach –
back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 814–860 m
Roundtrip: 6.5 km

Waldesruh / Bergkristall
Marktplatz (market) – Weststraße – Schlechtenbrücke – over Stillach river – left to
Hotel-Restaurant “Waldesruh” – pass on to Cafe-Restaurant “Bergkristall”. Then walk the
Probst-Weg (Höllwiesenweg) until Freibergsee (lake) – Gasthaus “Seeblick” – descent to
Renksteg and walk back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 814–1,100 m
Roundtrip: 10 km

Roundtrip Rubi
Mühlenbrücke – ice skating rink – after the junction to the right following the trail through the woods – Dummelsmoosbrücke – Illerursprung – Rubi (4 km) – going back through the meadows – Dummelsmoosbrücke.
Altitude: 786–814 m
Roundtrip: 7 km

Roundtrip South plain
Marktplatz (market) – Weststraße – Schlechtenbrücke – following Stillach river until
“Oberer Renksteg” – following the road towards Spielmannsau – turning left into direction
Loretto (chapels) – following the meadow – trails Mühlenbrücke – back to Marktplatz.
Altitude: 814 m
Roundtrip: 7 km

Hiking trails

Trettachtal trail to Spielmannsau (valley)
Mühlenbrücke – Jägerstand – Oybachmündung – Gruben – Zwingbrücke – Gottenried – Pechholz – Spielmannsau (walking trail Gottenried – Spielmannsau can not be used in winter) – back either following the Trettach river.
Altitude: 1,003 m
Roundtrip: 15 km

Oytal (valley)
Mühlenbrücke – Kühberg – Oytalhaus (5.5 km) – back to Oberstdorf either likewise or after 20 minutes left into
walking trail (Dr. Hohenadl- Weg) towards Oybachmündung.
Altitude: 1,009 m
Roundtrip: 11 km

Gerstruben (very old village)
Mühlenbrücke – Gruben – Dietersberg – left on the road towards Gerstruben.

Way back:
a) same way back
b) Hölltobel
(only for experienced hikers and in summer)
c) Rautweg (only in summer)

Altitude: 1,154 m
Roundtrip: 11 km

Birgsau / Einödsbach
Oberstdorf Haus – Prinzenstraße – Renksteg – skiflying hill – Fellhornbahn – Anatsstein – Birgsau (10.5 km) – Einödsbach likewise back to Oberstdorf.
Altitude: 1,114 m
Round trip: 25 km

Freibergsee / Schwand
Oberstdorf Haus – Prinzen- straße – Rensteg – up to Freibergsee (lake) – walking around the Freibergsee –skiflying hill – Schwand – on the road back to the skiflying hill – Renksteg – Prinzenstraße – Oberstdorf Haus.
Altitude: 930 m
Roundtrip: 11 km

Schönblick / Hochleite
Take the bus to the Söllereckbahn – going up with the cable lift – walk towards Hochleite – Freibergsee – walking partly around the lake – Renksteg – back to the Oberstdorf Haus.
Altitude: 1,345 m
Roundtrip: 7 km

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