In the valley

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In the valley

Oberstdorf’s valleys are characterised by glacial drift from the latest ice age, which has been ongoing for 2.5 million years and has included both cold and warm periods. During the coldest of these, the glaciers in the Upper Allgäu reached heights of up to 2,000 metres, with only the highest summits in the Allgäu Alps protruding from the ice.

The valley glaciers from Oberstdorf’s large side valleys gradually crept south, forming the terrain that is visible today (for example the Stillachtal Valley). Smaller side glaciers were unable to embed themselves as deeply and so created many little side valleys at a slightly higher altitude (for example the Dietersbachtal Valley). As the glaciers receded, emergent watercourses at their intersections formed deep canyons and ravines, like the present-day Hölltobel Ravine. At the end of the valleys, you’ll find impressive traces of the former valley glacier: steep, semi-circular trough heads, many of which tower to several hundred metres in height.

Suggested walks

In the sunny south

There are many hiking trails that lead to the sunny meadows in the south of Oberstdorf. Head along Haldenweg near the Nebelhornbahn cable car, Gertrud-von-le-Fort-Weg or Heuweg and it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the centre to trails with spectacular views. In the south-west, the causeways along the Stillach River form the borders of the southern lowlands area. Useful info: The entire hiking route network in the meadows around Oberstdorf is ideal for both short and long walks with a pushchair.

Length: 5 km Elevation gain: 57 m Duration: 2 hours

This route description is not shown on the map as a specific suggested hike as many different versions are possible

From the Moorweiher Lake to the Trettachtal Valley

This diverse circular route starts and ends at the Mühlenbrücke bridge near the Nebelhornbahn valley station. The shaded climb through the forest above the Trettach is particularly pleasant on hot summer days. You will quickly gain altitude and reach the picturesque plateau with the Moorweiher Lake. On reaching Oberstdorf’s historic Moorbad swimming pool, we recommend taking the path to the right around the picturesque lake as this is sunnier and offers better views. The surrounding mountain peaks are often reflected in the Moorweiher’s peaceful water. This little gem is a great place to visit at any time of year! On the northern edge of the lake, a path that is largely pleasantly shaded leads past the Dienersberg to the Oberstdorf golf course. Here, the route follows the valley path for a short stretch to the Zwingbrücke bridge.

Length: 6.6 km Elevation gain: 136 m Duration: 2 hours

Healing air hiking map: M

Four rivers route

The four rivers circular hike takes you off the beaten path and along the banks of Oberstdorf’s three mountain rivers – the Breitach, Stilllach and Trettach – as well as past their confluence at the source of the Iller. From the roundabout at the entrance to town, a short stretch of road takes you to Karweidach. The Trettach runs alongside the road as the wildest of the three mountain rivers. A short causeway
leads to the source of the Iller. Here, the mountain rivers that surround Oberstdorf come together to form the most powerful body of flowing water in the Oberallgäu region.

Length: 5 km
Elevation gain: 36 m
Duration: 2 hours

Visiting the village

The hike begins to the north of the market community,
following the wild Trettach to its confluence with Oberstdorf’s other mountain streams. This marks the source of the Iller, which flows to the Danube and on to the Black Sea. The route then continues with a brief visit to the picturesque district of Rubi before climbing to a north ridge. With every metre you climb, the more spectacular the views of the basin and the Allgäu Alps around Oberstdorf. After reaching what has to be one of the most beautiful vantage points in Oberstdorf, the trail leads along a varied route to the Schöllang mountain church. Some 80 metres above the valley, the area around the little church provides further panoramic views.

Length: 10.9 km Elevation gain: 213 m Duration: 4.5 hours

Healing air hiking map: Ru

Without the section to the Schöllang mountain
church, the circular route via Rubi is certified as suitable
for wheelchair users.

Special hiking suggestions for families

To the Reichenbach forest playground

A fun-filled and varied family hike through the Oberstdorf districts

Length: 8 km
Elevation gain: 121 m
Duration: 2.5 hours (3.5 hours via the viewpoint)

The circular hike starts at the Dummelsmoosbrücke bridge in the north-east of Oberstdorf. From here, the Trettach causeway leads to the source of the Iller, where all three of Oberstdorf’s wild mountain streams meet and continue on their way to the Danube as the Iller.

The route then follows the causeway for a short distance to Rubi. After a short detour to the Illersteg footbridge, the trail continues to the middle of the idyllic district. Following a short stretch along the main road, you have a choice: follow the route to the left, passing the village chapel and up a steep climb to the top of a hill. The short but sharp climb is rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the Oberstdorf Basin and the Allgäu Alps. After following the ridge for a short distance, the path bears off to the right back down a short but extremely steep section towards Reichenbach. Follow the signs and you’ll soon reach the forest playground. The second (more pushchair-friendly) option takes you off to the right in Rubi, along the meadow path to Reichenbach. You essentially pass your destination for the day on route. The forest playground itself offers a variety of beautifully created and natural play stations from the double-decker bus and Formula 1 car made from tree trunks to a forest bowling alley and an Indian tepee. Mums and dads can enjoy pleasantly shaded seats. The return route leads through Rubi (for people with pushchairs who reached the forest playground via the meadow path, initially retrace your footsteps) and along the sunny meadow path with its lovely views back to the Dummelsmoosbrücke bridge at the edge of Oberstdorf.

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