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Oberstdorf has an answer for all mountain climbers wishes

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Deep in the south – and really high up! Mountain-climbing and climbing in high alpine environments. From leisurely alpine mountain tours, to high alpine trails which lead to the fixed rope climbing routes (Klettersteig) – Oberstdorf has an answer for all mountain climbers wishes.

The scenic variety of the Allgäuer Alps in Germany is well known. In very few places does one find extraordinary mountains such as the Trettach or the Mädelegabel, immediately next to luscious mountain meadows or illusive vegetation, with steep flanks overlooking grass mountains such as the unique Höfats or the Schneck.

Three mountain railroads, well expanded mountain paths or high alpine trails, on security tested climbing paths and 8 DAV protection cottages, all provide you with the opportunity to enjoy this unique nature masterpiece.

Day trips - only in summer
These daytrips are only possible around the end of June until the begining of October. Experience, hiking boots and equipment are necessary!

Laufbacher Eck (only for experienced hikers)
Duration: 6-7 hours
Take the Nebelhornbahn up to the top station (Höfatsblick) - walk over Zeigersattel to the Laufbacher Eck (2,179 m) - Himmeleck (2,0004 m) - Käseralpe (1,400 m) - walk down to Oytal (1,009 m).

Fellhorn - tightrope walk
Duration: 5-6 hours
Take the Söllereckbahn up to Schönblick / Schrattenwang (1,400 m) - walk up to Söllereck (1,700 m) - Schlappoldkopf (1,928 m) - Fellhorngipfel (2,039 m).

Way back:
a) take the Fellhornbahn down to Faistenoy
b) walk down (Schlappoldhöfle - Laiter - Ringang - Schwand - Oberstdorf)

Älpele - Sattel
Duration: 6-7 hours
Gruben - Gerstruben - Dietersbachtal - walk up to the Älpelesattel (1,780 m) Käseralpe (1,400 m) - Oytal (1,009 m) - back to Oberstdorf.

Duration: 6-7 hours
Take the Nebelhornbahn up to the first station Seealpe - walk up to the Roßbichel - Niedereck - Rubihorngipfel - walk down over unterer Gaisalpsee - Gaisalpe - Gaisalpbach - Wallraffweg back to Oberstdorf.

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