Nordic walking

Nordic walking has in recent years become increasingly popular.

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In the spring, you can roam through dandelion meadows, in summer Germany's highest Nordic walking distance to explore the Nebelhorn, in the fall walking through the rustling leaves and in the winter you can see all the ice crystals forming.

Nordic walking has in recent years become increasingly popular. Originally popular as summer training for the world-class cross-country skiers, Nordic Walking is now a trend sport and has evolved from its grassroots.

Have you never tried Nordic walking or still not quite sure if this sport is for you? Both of these are advantages Nordic Walking is easy to learn and is, therefore, suitable for everyone, on the other hand, it poses a high health potential. You are walking to move not only your body but also your mind and soul! Work out without the tedious hours in the gym. Stimulate your mind with unique impressions of nature.

Oberstdorf, with its varied landscape and the twelve signposted routes, offers, both beginners as well as Intermediate ideal conditions for this healthy movement!

Route 01: WM-Walk

  • Eissportzentrum – Schattenbergschanze – Gruben
  • Langlaufstadion Ried – Skiflugschanze
  • Renksteg - Loretto – Eissportzentrum

Level of difficulty: difficult
Total Length: 13,3 km Min altitude: 808 m, max: 975 m
Uphill gradient: 378 m Downhill gradient: 378 m

Route 02: „Zimmeroy“

  • Loipenstadion – Ried pathway – Zimmeroy bridge – hiking trail on the east side of Stillach –
  • Bridge near Skiflugschanze – path to the north Skiflugschanze –
  • Zimmeroy bridge - hiking trail on the west side of Stillach - Renksteg - Loipenstatdion

Level of difficulty: easy
Total Length: 4,5 km Min altitude: 823 m, max: 864 m
Uphill gradient: 72 m Downhill gradient: 72 m

Route 03: „Burgstall“

*Loipenstadion – Wiesenweg – Scheibenhaus – Loretto –
*Minigolfplatz – Mühlen bridge – Jäger¬stand – Moorbad –
*Moorweiher - Golfplatz – Burgstall Steig – Loipenstadion

Level of difficulty: medium
Total Length: 7,6 km Min altitude: 808 m, max: 908 m
Uphill gradient: 218 m Downhill gradient: 218 m

For more Nordic walking options please see: Nordic Walking - on our german website

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