To the Gaisalpe

via the Wallrafweg

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5 minutes

This multi-faceted hike begins by heading past the Audi Arena up to the Breitenberg. From here, the Wallrafweg trail climbs further uphill on the western side of the Rubihorn.

The dense coniferous forest provides lots of pleasant shade without obstructing the plentiful stunning views of the Illertal Valley that can be enjoyed along this section. This popular trail is named after Max Wallraf, President of the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic and Lord Mayor of Cologne, who was a regular visitor to Oberstdorf and initiated construction of the route.

Once you reach the Gaisalpe, at an altitude of 1,149 m, your efforts will be rewarded with a picturesque panorama of the mountains and a sweeping view of the Allgäu. Here, at an end point in the hiking trail network, many mountain paths climb higher into the Alpine trail network of the Oberstdorf mountains, which demands a higher level of equipment and experience . The mountain route from the Nebelhorn via the Gaisalpsee Lakes, which joins the hiking trail network at the Gaisalpe mountain restaurant, is a particular favourite. On the return route, you begin by retracing your steps back to the tiny Gaisalpkapelle chapel. At this point, you can choose between two possible descent routes.

The ravine trail down into the valley requires sturdy walking boots and sure-footedness but offers a very pleasant experience of being close to nature, deep within the ravine of the wild Gaisalpbach mountain stream. The well-developed road, on the other hand, offers a much more comfortable and less challenging option. Once it reaches the valley, the trail takes you through scenic meadow paths back to Oberstdorf via Rubi.

Useful info:
Local conditions mean that the path is often wet in the vicinity of the ravine trail. Sturdy, ankle-high walking boots with a good tread and sure-footedness are recommended for this route. If in doubt, we recommend going in the opposite direction and ascending via the ravine.

Length: 9.7 km
Elevation gain: 395 m
Duration: 4.5 hours

Die hier abgebildeten Wegverläufe / GPS-Daten wurden manuell erstellt und dienen nur zur allgemeinen Orientierung

feste knöchelhohe Bergschuhe mit guter Profilsohle sowie Trittsicherheit erforderlich, witterungsbedingt oder bei Bedarf ist zusätzliche Ausrüstung wie Gleitschutz oder Stöcke empfehlenswert!
Gute Kondition
Keine Schwindelfreiheit notwendig
Trittsicherheit empfehlenswert (einfaches, alpines Gelände)
Weitgehend unberührte Kultur-, Natur- und Berglandschaft mit sehr schöner Aussicht
nicht begehbar
Wintersperrung: Gaisalptobel
9,7 km
4,5 Std.
395 m
433 m
Mittlere Lage
Asphalt, Kies, Schotter

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