Waterfalls and mountain idyll

Whether by horsedrawn carriage, by bike or on foot

Aktuelle Informationen zu den Corona-Schutzmaßnahmen in Oberstdorf
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5 minutes

The way to the Oy valley is straightforward to find and is always worthwhile.

Those with more time on their hands should definitely make a point of visiting Stuibenfalls while they’re at it! Gerstruben, the tiny settlement, which is classified completely as a historical monument, provides very interesting information about everyday life in the mountains.

There is a chapel, four farmsteads dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, a dairy farm and a sawmill, which were all restored with loving care. Then again, you must not forget to stop at Christlessee orthe Jauchen chapel, or... Well, we could go on and on! Perhaps, on second thought, you’re better off discovering Oberstdorf’s places of paradise yourself!

The Trettachspitze and Mädelegable tower over Einödsbach, Germany’s southernmost settlement and it’s worth taking a glimpse through the chapel door, or the „Nadelöhrtürle“, to bring good luck.

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