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Cure in Oberstdorf

Many a great naturopath was of humble, rural origin. Indeed, Kneipp was the son of a poor Allgäu weaver and treated himself with water out of mere despair.

Schroth was a farmer and drew his knowledge from the natural self-healing behaviour of animals. Perhaps it was because people valued the force of nature more where it was felt most. This theory certainly applies to Oberstdorf.

Back in the 15th century the Earls of Montfort and Rothenfels cured themselves in the sulphur bath at Tiefenbach. Nowadays, guests prefer to take advantage of the various modern health equipment, whereby the term „modern“ seems rather odd considering „old“ healing methods such as hay packs, mud baths, mud packs and mud kneading packs are applied.

Physiotherapy, massages, saunas, cosmetic salons and work-out studios are just as available as doctors specialized in cures, medical specialists, general practitioners, nonmedical practitioners, psychologists, a dialytic institution, a centre for comprehensive medicine, a centre for biological therapies and an institution for breathing therapy. Vegetarian, biological, differentiated and bland food dishes are included on most menu cards.

The countryside all around you provides a natural pharmacy for your health and well-being. It is not without reason that Oberstdorf is a recognized health resort with a salubrious climate. Additionally, more and more people are coming here to become „whole “ again. In the true sense of the word, they want to bring their body and soul into harmony, to rearrange their targets in life and simply to relax.