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Heilklimatischer Kurort – Premium Class

Oberstdorf is known as a “Heilklimatischer Kurort – Premium Class” (Climactic health resort – Premium Class) because of its gentle mild climate, excellent air quality and untouched landscape.

Oberstdorf has been known as a health resort since 1937, and since 2002 they have kept the premium class title! A feel-good stay for the body and soul is natural in Oberstdorf. Your holiday will be an unforgettable experience. There are the distinctive climate conditions that allow our site to be recognized as a center for health and recreation.

Breathing deeply
Deep breathing is already a true health program that does just that. The clear, pure mountain air is free of pollutants and is characterized by allergen-specific poverty. Here in Oberstdorf, "thick air" in the truest sense of the word does not exist. It does not matter whether you participate in sports activities such as hiking, cycling and swimming, or you just the enjoy the relaxing tranquility, everyone can find his personal spa.

The German Weather Service in Freiburg confirmed in his report regarding air quality, that Oberstdorf continues to be a climatic health resort with the therapeutic indication for respiratory disease.

Recognition of “Heilklimatischer Kurort”

  • Measurements at an automatic weather station every two years
  • Annual air quality measurements in at least 3 locations
  • Climate consulting with advanced bio-climatologists
  • Report on the air quality
  • Review of bio-climatological terrain network
  • Continuous measurements of an automatic climate control system
  • Periodic review every 5 years
  • Site visit to assess the air quality conditions
  • Periodic review every 10 years
  • Site visit
  • Annual inspection measurements of air quality
  • Confirmation of the climate report
  • Report on the air quality