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Pfarrer Sebastian Kneipp
Pfarrer Sebastian Kneipp
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Kneipp’s cure

Many affectionate nicknames were given to Sebastian Kneipp, „the water doctor“, or „the herb pries t“, but none of them were just.

Indeed, it was this great man who developed a comprehensive health cure to replace several individual treatments. Proceeding on the assumption that the human being is, in fact, more than just an addition of symptoms and that each illness has more than one cause. It was he who understood that civilization not only alienates us from nature but, above all, from our very own nature. He taught us that we must learn to listen to our body first and interpret the signals transmitted by it.

In this sense, the Kneipp cure is also a health doctrine built upon the five pillars which, according to Kneipp, determine our well-being. The gentle, reliable and comprehensive effect, which renders a Kneipp cure appropriate for the treatment of almost all illnesses, just proves how right he was. Oberstdorf i s a prime example as to how multi-sided a Kneipp cure can be. You will find Kneipp tread baths and arm basins dotted along numerous footpaths. 9 hotels offer Kneipp cures there are several sanatoriums and medicinal baths, and over 30 guesthouses and restaurants offer diets according to Kneipp.