Kletterwald Söllereck
Aussenbereich Oberstdorf Therme
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Family on Söllereck
Family on Söllereck
Kletterwald Söllereck
Kletterwald Söllereck
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Oberstdorf Highlights!

Ski jumping in August? Why, certainly! During the summer mat-jumping season, you can marvel at the spectacular high-altitude jumps even when the temperatures are up in their eighties! On certain evenings, you can even watch the jumping by floodlight - and that’s certainly something to tell the folks back home!

High rope course
In Oberstdorf, there are two different high rope courses. The one at the Söllereck can be used by children 6 years and up. There are 7 different courses with about 6 to 9 elements. The other one, the Skywalk at the Erdinger Arena offers adrenalin, action and climbing fun for everyone.

Söllereckrodel / Söllereck alpine coaster
The Söllereckrodel is open almost year-round. It runs down from the valley station and brings you up again. The coaster runs over 850 metres with lots of built-in curves, jumps and waves.

Interesting exhibits about the wildlife and flora of the alp region, a relief model of the entire Allgäuer Alps, typical fragrances and sounds of the mountains, interactive history from the stone age until now, descriptions oft he features oft he mountain weather and many other things of interest are waiting for you at the Bergschau.

The Oberstdorfer Heimatmuseum is the local history museum is located in an old 17th century house. More than 30 rooms of exhibition area offer fascinating information for everybody. For example, you can see how Josef Schratt made the largest hiking shoe in the world, the cultivation of home decor, a weaving mill, a rope maker, agriculture and alpine economy, old trade, a stone collection, early history of the langlauf (cross-country ski run), the history of the alpinism, music instruments, animals (stuffed), trophies, garbs, traditions and so much more. In the basement, you can find amongst others a cheese kitchen and a gentian distillery. Visitors have the opportunity to take a look into the past of Oberstdorf and the Allgäu.

Oberstdorf Spa / Mud baths / Freiberg lake
In Oberstdorf, in summer as well as winter, there are different possibilities to go swimming. During winter, the Oberstdorf Therme invites you to come and relax. An indoor pool, a spacious sauna area and various offers of different massages in the spa resort will help you to recover and get more energy. During the summer, there are 3 more possibilities to enjoy the cooling water in Oberstdorf. First of all, there are two mud baths (one directly in Oberstdorf near the Loretto Chapels and the other one in Reichenbach). The lake “Freibergsee” is a real mountain lake which – besides swimming in the cooling water – offers boat rental and a sunbathing area.

Golf course
You will find Oberstdorf’s golf course “striking”, considering it has one of the most scenic greens in Germany. Nestled between the Alps and the stunning surrounding area the 9-hole-golf course makes up for one or two bad shots.

Kletterwald Söllereck
Allgäu Coaster Söllereck
Bergschau im alten Rathaus
Der größte Bergschuh der Welt
Oberstdorf Therme
Freibergsee Herbst