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A sunny holiday paradise embedded in the Alps of the Allgäu

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Welcome to Oberstdorf. Vacationers can look forward to a romantic village, a tranquil idyll, a magnificent natural landscape stretching as far as the eye can see and a mixture of modern life and age-old traditions.

Oberstdorf offers just as many leisure options as it does friendly hosts. Accommodation comprises everything from luxury hotels for a relaxing wellness stay to comfortable holiday apartments that are an ideal base for active walking holidays to cosy guesthouses for long weekends spent skiing or simply enjoying the stunning wintry landscapes. Arrive, switch off and start to enjoy yourself. Oberstdorf is the perfect place to spend the most beautiful days of the year doing whatever it is you like to do best.

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Winter Brochure 16/17

Winter Brochure 16/17

Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing & winter hiking
Adobe PDF 35,92 MB
Angelegt am 09/22/2016

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Oberstdorf Hiking Brochure 2017
English Brochure

English Brochure

Adobe PDF 6,22 MB
Angelegt am 03/11/2013

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