Oberstdorf-Panorama im Frühsommer
Rubi bei Oberstdorf
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Of art and cows

Alpine farming and conventional agriculture are extremely important in Oberstdorf. It is no coincidence that there are peep-holes leading from the bedroom chambers to the stables for, alongside the carefully preserved game, the livestock was one’s base of living here in Oberstdorf for which it was worth taking every effort.

The impressively carved butter molds, the richly embroidered mountain infantrymen’s garments, the „historical period costumes“ and even the touching beauty of the miracle-working image in the Loretto Chapels demonstrate that the appreciation of art was never lost, nevertheless.

Then as now

Tradition is not only to be found when you step inside the museum. You can discover it everywhere - at religious festivals, which as in the past, continue to determine the annual routine; in the little Chapels you pass along the wayside, in the living art of handicrafts and, last but not least, in the agriculture, thanks to which tradition and originality still remain unaffected. That is yet another reason why our guests love Oberstdorf and its natives.