to spend your vacation in Oberstdorf

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“Obheiter” is something like standing above everything.

Do you know how it feels to stand above everything?

In Oberstdorf, on an “Obheiter” day, you experience a feeling of unlimited freedom.
You can enjoy a breathtaking view of over 400 mountain peaks that rise above a sea of clouds.

Alpenrosen am Fellhorn

The color-magic of nature

Do you know the impressive colors of nature?

In Oberstdorf you will not believe your eyes. Experience a true color explosion consisting of:
alpine-rose magenta, Bavarian gentian-blue and gentian- white.

Summer freshness: hot days - cool nights

Do you throw yourself back and forth in bed on a hot, humid sleepless night?

In Oberstdorf the nights are cool and Relaxing - even after a hot summer day.

Echte Traditionen

“beloved” traditional customs

Do you wonder if you can experience tradition and at the same time a real home feeling while being on vacation?

In Oberstdorf you can! We have lovely village festivals, folklore evenings, a festival especially for the occation when the cattle descend from the Alps in September called "Viehscheid" and many more occasions with traditional catering and clothing. Come join us!


Village cattle: a friendly meeting

Are you tired of stressed faces while shopping or taking a walk?

In Oberstdorf you do not only see beautiful lanes and happy faces - you also have the luck of meeting our “local friends”.

Mir goht's guat!

Water and fresh air for rosy cheeks

Would you like to get a healthy complexion? And this without make-up?

In Oberstdorf the pure air and crystal clear water with mineral qualities ensures a healthy, glowing complexion.

Pause im Liegestuhl

Sunbathing at sub-zero temperatures

Do you think winter and deck chairs do not match?

In Oberstdorf they certainly do! Through the reflexion of the snow you will tan even faster while sunbathing.

Gewaltige Aussichten

The “Big Five” of the Alps

When was the last time you went on a “photo-safari”?

In Oberstdorf you can expect to see the “Big Five” of the Alps. With a bit of luck you will find alpine ibex, alpine chamois, deer, eagles and marmots. Don´t forget your camera!

Oberstdorf bei Nacht

Sparkling heavenly stars

When was the last time you saw a star-studded sky?

In Oberstdorf you can allow yourself to be enchanted by a glittering firmament on most clear nights.
Pure romance…..


Milk and cheese -from “happy cows”

Did you know that our aromatic cheese gives a taste comparable to non-other?

In Oberstdorf the farmers make their cattle happy and satisfied, only by offering them a beautiful view and 70 different herbs to graze on.

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