Simply tri-mendous!

snowboarding possibilities at Oberstdorf

Aktuelle Informationen zu den Corona-Schutzmaßnahmen in Oberstdorf
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Even snowboarders know that the snowboarding possibilities at Oberstdorf are no longer a secret. All-around fun is guaranteed in the steep-sided half-pipe and cool funparks!

Nebelhorn, Fellhorn and Söllereck: the very sound of these three names makes skiing fans’ mouths water, and that’s no wonder considering the 44,000 metres of downhill slopes (30,000 metres of which are virtually snow-safe), 29 different lifts, numerous cosy mountain lodges to stop and have a snack and powder snow and sun until you’re ready to drop... and last, but not least, there are any amount of interesting all-inclusive bargains.

Who could resist the temptation?

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