Germany’s southernmost village

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Welcome to Oberstdorf

It is not an easy task describing overwhelming beauty that is for sure. Can a photograph convey the fragrance of a herb meadow? Can a sentence possibly express the magic of the alpenglow?

Germany’s southernmost village, themed “Oberstdorf – the hiking village. Mountain top in the south!”, shows its extraordinary position as hiking destination. In Summer a total of 200 km of hiking trails offer a diversified alpine landscape with routes and tours of every difficulty.

Even in winter numerous guests come to Oberstdorf in order to go hiking. 140 km of cleared trails and panoramic walks wait for visitors. 128 km of slopes and 76 miles of cross-country ski-tracks won’t leave any wish unfulfilled.

Faulenzen im Bett am Freibergsee


Here, you will find information about rooms and vacation homes, arrival, English brochure, travel insurance and the Oberstdorf guest card.

Wanderer am Seealpsee


Do you feel a tingling in your toes when you look at these pictures? Then give your feet free reign! Our mountaineering schools offer you the finest tours. Under the guidance of experienced mountain guides, we will get you safely to famous viewpoints and secluded hiking trails.

Gipfelabfahrt am Nebelhorn


130 km of slopes and more than 76 km of cross country ski trails won’t leave any wish unfulfilled. Also, these slopes were occupied by the athletes of the FIS World Championships in 2005 and can now be used for cross country skiing.

Herbstliches Gerstruben


A holiday in Oberstdorf for the whole family? Sure! Where else is there so much to do and see? Take our year-round holiday entertainment program for children, for example.

Viehscheid Schöllang


Exciting contests, cultural high points in traditional events and concerts - in Oberstdorf, every guest has a personalized vacation experience.


As many as seven valleys join the Iller valley in Oberstdorf, each one of them with its own character and unmistakable charm

Oberstdorf mit Sternenhimmel


Oberstdorf was off the beaten track for a very long time. However, what was a disadvantage then, is an attraction now.

Oberstdorf Hiking Brochure 2017
Winter Brochure 16/17

Winter Brochure 16/17

Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing & winter hiking
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