Breathe in the fresh mountain air

5 minutes

Feel like you’re living in an ever faster moving world? One where you’re facing increasing daily demands and have little time for your friends and family. This makes it all the more important to take some time out occasionally, catch your breath and slow the world down for a while.

A long hike is a great way to do this. Step by step, you progress at your own pace without any external distractions – except for the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains of course. Often, you are completely alone with your thoughts in the midst of the diverse natural landscape. As you reach the summit, you feel proud of what you’ve achieved. It’s successful experiences like these that bring you happiness and create fond memories. After all, what could be better after a strenuous hike in the mountains than reminiscing about your summit climb over a hearty sandwich in a cosy hut? When taking time out, it’s not about climbing as many mountains as possible, but simply about getting out into nature and enjoying the healing pro­perties of the Oberstdorf air. Spanning over 200 kilometres, the hiking network offers a route for everyone. Choose whether to marvel at the impressive mountain summits from the Oberstdorf side valleys or to start by acclimatising at mid-­altitude before venturing up to the high-Alpine peaks. Of course, you don’t have to head out on your own: if you prefer hiking with others, the extensive hiking programme offered by Tourismus Oberstdorf (the Oberstdorf Tourist Association) is the perfect solution.

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