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Herbstliches Gerstruben
Herbstliches Gerstruben


A holiday in Oberstdorf for the whole family? Sure! Where else is there so much to do and see? Take our year-round holiday entertainment program for children, for example.

Family on Söllereck

*Sports & fun*

Oberstdorf Highlights!

Family tobogganing

A big program for all the little ones

Children are always welcome in Oberstdorf. Therefore, Tourismus Oberstdorf provides an extensive program for children aged 6-12 years old.


Cure in Oberstdorf

Many a great naturopath was of humble, rural origin. Indeed, Kneipp was the son of a poor Allgäu weaver and treated himself with water out of …

Kinder haben Spaß auf der Alpe

Family extras

Plenty of extra activities for children are offered, in addition, to the all-season program.


Heilklimatischer Kurort – Premium Class

Oberstdorf is known as a “Heilklimatischer Kurort – Premium Class” (Climactic health resort – Premium Class) because of its gentle mild climat…

Pfarrer Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp’s cure

Many affectionate nicknames were given to Sebastian Kneipp, „the water doctor“, or „the herb pries t“, but none of them were just.

Schroth’s treatment

The dry diet goes back to Johann Schroth and has been a recognized treatment with natural remedies for over 160 years. Hot packs cause an arti…