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A multi-faceted village life is characterised by culinary and social evenings plus a traditional yet modern array of events. Musical entertainment meets sporting events to excite both visitors and locals.
Langlaufweltcup Herren

cross-country skiing World Cup

The world elite from the cross-country skiing scene will head to Oberstdorf in winter (not every year, watch our event calender). Check our calender for the upcoming events!


Oberstdorfer Winterfest - On many weekends in winter

Mountain hut magic and live music. Enjoy the evening with a mug of mulled wine, a hot Caipirinha or a traditional punch and try the Allgäu delicacies and culinary delights on offer from our local establishments. Top live bands generate a merry atmosphere and that party feeling. The longest outdoor bar in the Allgäu and our DJs show that they really know how to party.


Holiday programme for kids

At Easter time, Oberstdorf offers all sorts of Easter-egg-themed fun and games for kids as well as plenty of excitement for adults too. Young visitors can look forward to activities such as making their own Easter candles, egg-painting, kids’ cookery classes, an exciting visit to the fire station, handicrafts with hay, pottery,... and much more!


Europe’s highest photo festival

With photography hikes, a photography bivouac, photography fun for children, a summit exhibition, various additional exhibitions in several places in Oberstdorf, lectures, outdoor photography installations, a diverse range of workshops, beginners’ courses, multi-vision shows, a photography competition, a print centre and much more, there is plenty to excite both avid photographers and general visitors to Oberstdorf during the photography festival.

Fotowanderung mit Heinz Zak

In July, the Kurpark is transformed into a grandiose festival location for several days. Visitors can look forward to a varied music programme. Whether rock, reggae or alphorn techno, there is something for every taste. Various food trucks and drink bars also provide culinary delights.

Kids of Adelaide

“Oberstdorf Summer of Music” - is the biggest classic music festival in the Allgäu. During July and August it attracts guests with remarkable concerts in the valley and on the mountain. The Oberstdorfer Musiksommer festival presents a fine selection of artists and topclass musical events. Guest performers include well-known international ensembles, soloists, young award-winners and up-and-coming talented young musicians.

Oberstdorf village festival

For one day only, the Kurpark, market square and parish church garden will be transformed into a colourful festival site with live music on two stages, dancing, games, food and drink. Take a stroll around the site and you’ll be spoilt for choice between all sorts of hearty dishes, coffee, cake and an endless array of tasty snacks. You’ll also find plenty of fun and entertainment for people of all ages.

The proceeds from the village and parish festival traditionally go to the Oberstdorf clubs and former Abbot Dionys’ African aid fund.

The village festival will take place whatever the weather.


Cattle drives in Oberstdorf and Schöllang

When the grazing period comes to an end in September it’s time for the Oberstdorf and Schöllang “Viehscheid” days. These tradition-steeped cattle drives mark the end of the summer in the Alpine pastures. The cattle drives on mid-September are a long-standing tradition.This unique event is accompanied by an impressive community festival with brass band music, hearty traditional dishes and superb Allgäu beer.

Farmers’ and cheese market

Oberstdorf will celebrate harvest festival with its farmers’ and cheese market in the centre of the village. A varied programme with lots of local products to sample. These not only include excellent Allgäu cheese but also many other regional specialities and rural handicrafts.

Viehscheid in Schöllang

performing arts days

Cabaret, comedy, live music, poetry, shows

Oberstdorf loves its performing arts. Whether locals or visitors, young or old – our kleinKunsttage offer something for everyone. Our comedians and cabaret artists will make you cry with laughter, our live bands will invite you to sing along and dance, and our slammers will impress with the most unusual

poetry. Enjoy the works for yourself and join our poetry slam judging panel to help select the most eloquent poets. Alongside the kleinKunsttage events, you can also enjoy a daily market. The performances are once again accompanied by tasty treats and a wide variety of drinks.

And best of all, entrance is free!


An international figure skating competition. As for the last few decades, at September, Oberstdorf will once again become the centre of the figure skating world. The Nebelhorn Trophy is part of the prestigious Challenger Series established by the International Skating Union (ISU), meaning that competitors can earn world ranking points.

Bild: Tatjana Flade - NSchott FS - Nebelhorn Trophy 2020
October - Gallusmarkt

Named after Saint Gall, every year, by tradition, the “Gallusmarkt” shopkeepers’ market takes place on the streets in and around the pedestrianised zone. From about 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., some 300 market stalls offer visitors everything they could need for home, garden and professional use, as well as clothes, toys, pottery, flowers and much more.

Gallusmarkt (1)
End of December

Oberstdorf awaits the eagles! Start of the Four Hills Tournament in the Oberstdorf World Championship Ski Jumping Arena at the end of December. As the year draws to an end, over 35,000 spectators will once again pack the World Championship Ski Jumping Arena to celebrate the start of the Four Hills Tournament. As per tradition, the world’s most prestigious ski jumping series will kick off in Oberstdorf at the end of December. And the winner of the first jump will automatically become the favourite for overall victory.


Early December to Christmas

Whether lively or profound in Oberstdorf dialect, traditional melodies or classic songs – transport yourself back to days gone by and escape everyday life. Many Oberstdorf groups such as alpine horn blowers, yodellers or the local band also contribute to the merry atmosphere. You can also look forward to music from people in traditional costumes, dulcimer music, readings and poetry in local dialect.

All events

We offer a lot of events all year round to make your holiday unforgettable.

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