Viehscheid Schöllang
Musiker am Fellhorn
Viehscheid Schöllang
Viehscheid Schöllang


Exciting contests, cultural high points in traditional events and concerts - in Oberstdorf, every guest has a personalized vacation experience.


"Breitachklamm" - Breitach gorge

The Breitachklamm (gorge) used to be called the big clamp. The location of the entrance to the Breitachklamm is not far from Tiefenbach. A uni…

Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf

"Eissportzentrum" - Ice sport stadium

The Eissportzentrum for figure skating is located beneath the Erdinger arena, at the east-side of Oberstdorf. With 26,400 (sqm), the visitors …


A dream of ice

Snow fell silently over night, and all sharp edges disappeared under the downy white cover. People greet each other on the streets somewhat mo…

Erdinger Arena

Erdinger Arena / Ski jump arena

The five jumps - of the Erdinger arena Oberstdorf located at the bottom of the Schattenberg - can be seen from a distance. The highest jump (1…


Flowers for the beauty queen

In September, when the young cattle are driven from the alpine pastures back to their village quarters, it is not only a feast for the visitors’ eyes.



The Heini-Klopfer-Skijump located in the Stillachtal (toward Birgsau) was built in 1949 upon the initiative of the unforgettable jumper trio S…

Old customs and myths

The wild scarecrows - or „Wilde Mändle“ as the natives call them - can be seen every five years.

Wreath cow and shepherds


Every year in the early summer the farmers send the young cattle to their summer resort, the mountains.