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Breitachklamm ravine

Whatever the season, whether summer or winter, the Breitachklamm ravine in Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf is open for your enjoyment all year round – with the exception of the snowmelt period and late autumn.

In summer

The Breitach River “bubbles and burbles and roars and gurgles” through the narrow gorge with vertical, overhanging walls that tower to almost 100 metres in height, thundering over high shelves of rock, gushing through deep pools and spraying the finest droplets that dance in the light. A visit to the Breitachklamm can also be combined with other subsequent hikes. One option is the popular circular trail: on leaving the Breitachklamm, after the upper ticket sale point, a hiking route leads to the “Zwingsteg”, a bridge that crosses the ravine at a dizzying height. You can then follow the circular trail past the Dornachalpe or Sesselalpe huts back to the start of the Breitachklamm.

In winter

When winter comes and the raging stream that sweeps through the gorge from the Kleinwalsertal Valley towards
Oberstdorf transforms into bizarre ice sculptures and the impressive rock walls are covered in huge icicles, a
particularly stunning natural spectacle is created. A visit is more than worthwhile whatever the weather. The broad
hiking trail through the deep canyon provides excellent protection against the wind and bad weather. However,
sturdy footwear is still a must.

Night hikes through the Breitachklamm Ravine are offered twice a week in winter. Seeing the frozen ice formations by torch light is an extraordinary, almost mystical experience! For further information, please visit

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