Alpine huts

around Oberstdorf

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Farmed and serviced Oberstdorf alpine huts

Aibele Alpe
In the Rohrmoostal Valley, behind the watershed
Alpe Bierenwang
On the south-east side of the Fellhorn (open year-round)
Alpe Osterberg
To the west of the Engenkopf across the Rohrmoostal Valley
In an idyllic setting between the Höfats and the Kegelkopf
Gerstruber Alpe
Below the Höfats in the Dietersbachtal Valley
Hintere Traufbergalpe
In the wild and romantic Traufbachtal Valley
At the end of the Oytal Valley at the foot of the Höfats
Above the Oytal Valley on route to the Hahnenkopf
Peters Älpele
On route from Einödsbach to the Rappenseehütte mountain hut
Near the Nebelhornbahn cable car and by the Seealpsee Lake
Untere Gutenalpe
In the heart of the beautiful Oytal Valley near the Oybach River

Alpine huts with own dairy products

Alpe Schattwald
In the idyllic Rohrmoostal Valley
Breitengehren Alpe
On the banks of the Rappenalpbach River in the Rappenalptal Valley
Buchrainer Alpe
At the highest point of the Buchrainer climb, at the start of the Rappenalptal Valley
Alpe Eschbach
On the floor of the Stillachtal Valley to the south of Birgsau
Just after Spielmannsau between Traufberg and the Wildgundköpfe
In the Rohrmoostal Valley, on the Piesenkopf
Alpe Schlappold
Near the Schlappoldsee Lake below the Schlappoldkopf and Söllerkopf
Schrattenwang Alpe
Below the Söllerkopf near the Söllereckbahn summit station
Below the ridge between Söllerkopf and Söllereck

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