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A multi-faceted village. Village life is characterised by culinary and social evenings plus a traditional yet contemporary array of events. Musical entertainment meets sporting events to excite both guests and locals.

Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel - Europe’s highest photo festival

Nature, hiking and photography can all be jointly enjoyed at Europe’s highest photo festival! Oberstdorf calls – and the sector flocks to Germany’s southernmost municipality. For the fifth consecutive year, everything will revolve around photography in June . A fun and diverse photography-related programme awaits Oberstdorf visitors. From beginners’ workshops, photographic hikes, including in the Breitachklamm Ravine and to the Fellhorn, through to photographic excursions to the ski jump, outdoor portrait workshops and even multicopter video and photography workshops. This is a must-attend festival for anyone who is passionate about photography.

Numerous events, adapted to the guests’ desires, are part of Oberstdorf’s cultural programme.

The Oberstdorfer Musiksommer is the biggest classic music festival in the Allgäu. During July and August it attracts guests with remarkable concerts in the valley and on the mountain.

During the Viehscheid, tourists will experience real tradition. The “Viehscheid” takes place on September 12th and 13th, when the cattle come down from the mountain after the summer. It is always celebrated with a great fair. When the grazing period comes to an end in September and nothing bad has happened to any of the animals, it’s time for the Oberstdorf and Schöllang Viehscheid days. These tradition-steeped cattle drives mark the end of the summer in the Alpine pastures. Followed by his herd, the farmer leaves the pasture with his leading cow (known as the “Kranzrind”). This is the finest cow in the herd, which is adorned with a magnificent crown made from twigs, flowers and ribbons. As the cows wind their way down into the valley, their bells ring out for miles around – much to the delight of all locals and guests.

August Night Race – FIS Summer Grand Prix Nordic Combined The Night Race through the streets of Oberstdorf has plenty to offer. However, the best views are from in the stadium, where the race starts, passes through and finishes. The video wall in the stadium captures the most spectacular scenes during the tough climb outside the arena and on the steep stretch after passing through the stadium. The fan TV keeps spectators constantly entertained during the race.

September Nebelhorn trophy an international figure skating competition. As for the last few decades, at September, Oberstdorf will once again become the centre of the figure skating world.

Mid-October Gallusmarkt
Named after Saint Gall, every year, by tradition, the “Gallusmarkt” shopkeepers’ market takes place on the streets in and around the pedestrianised zone. From about 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., some 300 market stalls offer visitors everything they could need for home, garden and professional use, as well as clothes, toys, pottery, flowers and much more.

July Internationaler Nebelhorn Berglauf
Over 200 entrants are expected to take part in Germany’s southernmost mountain race in early July. From Oberstdorf’s market square to the Nebelhorn summit station at 2,224 m, runners must cover just 10.5 km but an impressive 1,405 m of elevation gain. This spectacular event is not to be missed! Cheer the runners across the finish line at the Nebelhorn summit station and enjoy the 400-peak panorama from the sun terrace.

Mid-August - Oberstdorf village festival
The Kurpark, market square and parish church garden transform into a colourful fairground with live music, dancing, games, food and drink. Little ones delight in playing on the bouncy castle, fire engine rides and much more. Take a stroll around the fairground and you’ll be spoilt for choice between Krautspatzen (a traditional pasta-like dish), knuckles, beer, wine, coffee and cake, Leberkäs (a meatloaf-like dish), pizza and all sorts of tasty snacks. And, of course, there are plenty of refreshments to be found across the entire village festival site. We hope that all visitors and locals have a great time! The village festival will take place whatever the weather. Entrance is free.

Oberstdorf awaits the eagles! Start of the Four Hills Tournament in the Oberstdorf World Championship Ski Jumping Arena at the end of december. As the year draws to an end, over 35,000 spectators will once again pack the World Championship Ski Jumping Arena to celebrate the start of the Four Hills Tournament. As per tradition, the world’s most prestigious ski jumping series will kick off in Oberstdorf at the end of December. And the winner of the first jump will automatically become the favourite for overall victory. Further information about the Four Hills Tournament can be found at

FIS Tour de Ski The world elite from the cross-country skiing scene will head to Oberstdorf at the beginning of January. Straight after New Year, Oberstdorf will host its second major sporting event of the winter: two stages of the FIS Tour de Ski, the world’s most prestigious cross-country skiing series, will be held on the World Championship trails in the Ried arena.

Early December to Christmas - Oberstdorfer Advent - What could feel more peaceful, lovely and cosy than listening to traditional folk music and the local dialect at Advent and Christmas time? In Oberstdorf, this is a calm and tranquil period. Whether lively or profound in Oberstdorf dialect, traditional melodies or classic songs – transport yourself back to days gone by and escape everyday life. Many Oberstdorf groups such as alpine horn blowers, yodellers or the local band also contribute to the merry atmosphere. You can also look forward to music from people in traditional costumes, dulcimer music, readings and poetry in local dialect.

On many weekends in winter - Oberstdorfer Winterfest
Mountain hut magic and live music. No-one can escape the magic of the Oberstdorfer Winterfest (Oberstdorf Winter Festival). Enjoy the evening with a mug of mulled wine, a hot Caipirinha or a traditional punch and try the Allgäu delicacies and culinary delights on offer from our local establishments. From 7.30 p.m. each day, our top live bands generate a merry atmosphere and that party feeling. The longest outdoor bar in the Allgäu opens its doors at 8 p.m. and our DJs show they really know how to party by keeping things pumping till 3 a.m. in the morning.

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