Traufbachtal Valley

off of the well-worn tourist trails

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If you choose to make the demanding excursion to the picturesque Traufbachtal Valley, you will be rewarded with impressive views of a valley that is off the well-worn tourist trail.

Starting in Oberstdorf, this trail brings you through the hamlets of Gruben and Dietersbach in the direction of Spielmannsau.Shortly before reaching Spielmannsau, the climb leads you ever-deeper into a wild, impressive gorge in the Traufbachtal Valley. After crossing a small footbridge over the Traufbach mountain stream, the ravine trail initially takes a steep and rugged ascent. Please note the additional requirements for ensuring safety along the route as of this point! The straightforward ravine trail comes to an end at the mouth of the Traufbachtal Valley above. The trail then takes a leisurely route along the Traufbach mountain stream and into the more remote side valley. The view of the stunning end of the valley, with its high waterfalls, the imposing west face of the Fürschießer and the Krotten spitze towering over it all, becomes more breathtaking with each metre you cover. The last few metres to the mountain restaurant involve another steep climb.
On the return route, you retrace your steps until you come to a fork in the trail. Here, you can choose between the ravine trail you took on your ascent and the Alpine road. The ravine trail is for those who prefer to be closer to nature – and is also the shorter option.

The alternative route is along an as The ravine trail is for those who prefer to be closer to nature – and is also the shorter option.phalted road, consisting of a steep, winding section climbing upwards until you reach a saddle. At this point, you begin an equally steep descent into the valley on the other side of the Traufberg. You will be rewarded with a view into the southernmost point of the Trettachtal Valley and the option of visiting the Alpe Oberau, shortly before the circular trail comes to an end in Spielmannsau.

Useful info:
Sturdy, ankle-high walking boots with a good tread, as
well as sure-footednessand a decent head for heights are
essential when tackling the ravine trail (Alpine climb). The return route via the Alpine road includes some challenging uphill and downhill sections. It is advisable to bring drinks and hiking sticks.

Length: 18.7 km
Elevation gain: 306 m
Duration: 4.5 hours

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feste knöchelhohe Wanderschuhe mit guter Profilsohle sowie Trittsicherheit empfehlenswert
Gute Kondition
Grundmaß an Schwindelfreiheit empfehlenswert (steileres Gelände, kleine Absätze)
Trittsicherheit Voraussetzung (alpines Gelände)
Nahezu völlig unberührte und ursprüngliche Natur- und Berglandschaft mit außergewöhnlichen Ausblicken
nicht begehbar
18,7 km
4,5 Std.
548 m
549 m
Kies, Asphalt, Schotter, Erde

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