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Oberstdorf is not only for extreme bikers, Oberstdorf is an ideal destination for the Allgäu region for everyone who enjoys cycling.

The different routes Oberstdorf has offer an unforgettable cycling experience that will suit everyone's tastes.

Tour 1 - Cycling tour Stillachtal
Routes 20 and 21, level difference: 125 m, Oberstdorf - Birgsau about 9 km, takes about 1 hour, Birgsau - Oberstdorf about 10 km, takes about 30 minutes.

Tour 2 - Cycling tour Trettachtal
Routes 10 and 19, level difference: 190 m, Oberstdorf - Oberau 8 km, takes about 1 hour, back to Oberstdorf 9 km, takes about 35 minutes.

Tour 3 - Cycling tour Schöllang
This intimate tour leads you through the tranquil hamlets situated in Oberstdorf. Experience the wild village romance and enjoy unforgettable views.
Routes 11, 9 and 8, level difference: 50 m, Oberstdorf - Schöllang 6.5 km, takes about 50 minutes and return over Au 10.5 km, journey time approximately 1.5 hours.

Tour 4 - Cycling tour Oytal
Oberstdorf - Erdinger Arena - Kühberg - Oytalstraße - Oytalhaus

Blick ins Stillachtal
Radtour um den Moorweiher
Schöllang im Herbst
Rollerfahrt aus dem Oytal

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Tour by segway
It's like having wheels on your feet ... The Segway is a trendsetter among moving vehicles - compact and powerful, environmentally friendly and quiet!

Hoch hinauf mit dem E-Bike
Ausflug mit dem E-Bike
Ausflug mit dem Segway

E-Bike Verleih Allgäu

Monika Echtermeyer
Bahnhofsplatz 1 a
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 952 90

Fahrrad Heckmair

Fahrradverleih Heckmair
Nebelhornstraße 46
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 2210

Fahrradverleih Hasselberger

Hauptstraße 7
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 4467

Fahrradverleih Kreittner

Fischerstraße 8
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 3533

Hasselberger Jakob

Jakob Hasselberger
Weststraße 17
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 4467