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Huts and climbs

German Alpine Association (DAV) huts are first and foremost “base camps” for mountaineers rather than hotels.

Several huts have, however, lost this function due to the technical infrastructure now available in their surrounding area. It is standard practice for all hut visitors to write their name, place of residence (holiday address) and next day’s destination in the hut book on arrival. This information can be useful if someone is reported missing.

Fiderepasshütte mit Hammerspitze
2,070 MAMSL


  • On a border pass between Bavaria and Vorarlberg
  • Approx. 2.5 hours from the Fellhornbahn middle station
  • Capacity: 120 mattress spaces
1,930 MAMSL


  • Below the Nebelhorn with a view over the Oberstdorf rooftops
  • 20-minute ascent with the Nebelhorn cable car to the summit station
  • Capacity: 62 mattress spaces and 32 beds
Mindelheimer Hütte
2,013 MAMSL

Mindelheimer Hütte

  • In a sunny location with panoramic views of the Rappenalptal Valley
  • Approx. 4 hours from Birgsau via the Speicherhütte
  • Capacity: 140 mattress spaces
2,021 MAMSL


  • Idyllically located on a cirque ridge over the Rappenalptal Valley
  • Approx. 3.5 hours from Birgsau via Einödsbach
  • Capacity: 189 mattress spaces and 115 beds
1,804 MAMSL


  • On a panoramic terrace over the Rappenalptal Valley
  • Approx. 2.5 hours from Birgsau via Einödsbach
  • Capacity: 90 mattress spaces and 32 beds
Waltenberger Haus
2,084 MAMSL

Waltenberger Haus

  • High-Alpine setting in the heart of the Allgäu main ridge
  • Approx. 3.5 hours from Birgsau
  • Capacity: 20 mattress spaces and 36 beds
Kemptner Hütte
1,846 MAMSL

Kemptner Hütte

  • Below the impressive Krottenspitze Ridge at the entrance to the Lechtal Valley
  • 3 hours from Spielmannsau
  • Capacity: 190 mattress spaces and 100 beds
1,846 MAMSL


  • On a cirque ridge at the foot of the Hochvogel
  • Approx. 4.5 hours from the Nebelhorn summit station
  • Capacity: 220 mattress spaces and 48 beds

Hut to hut hikes

Mindelheimer Hütte – Rappenseehütte

The standard route leads along the Schrofen Pass and the
Mutzentobel Ravine and offers plenty of spectacular views
but is also very exposed in parts. Although a technically
simple route, it certainly gives your thighs a workout.

  • Via the Schrofen Pass: 5 hours, 702 m elevation gain, 8.57 km
  • Via the Eselsweg trail: 5 hours, 833 m elevation gain, 7.33 km

Fiderepasshütte – Mindelheimer Hütte

From the Fiderepasshütte, the route starts by heading
uphill to the magnificent viewpoint of the Fiderescharte.
From there, there are two options for continuing to the

  • Via the Krumbacherhöhenweg Ridgeway: 3 hours, 360 m
    elevation gain, 4.84 km
  • Via the Mindelheimer Klettersteig (via ferrata): 5 hours, 4.5 km

Enzianhütte – Rappenseehütte

The short but picturesque route starts with a gentle uphill
section along an often pleasantly shaded trail to the Musskopfsattel before a following steeper, sunny section of
winding trail to the Rappenseehütte.

  • 1 hour, 317 m elevation gain, 2.07 km

Rappenseehütte – Waltenberger Haus

Follow the best known ridgeway in the Allgäu Alps, making your way along mountain passes with protective steel cables over mostly rocky terrain. Sure-footedness and a good head for heights are prerequisites for this via-ferrata-like ridgeway.

  • Via the Bockarscharte: 5 hours, 664 m elevation gain,
    4.24 km

Waltenberger Haus – Kemptner Hütte

A demanding climb leads to the Bockarscharte. From there,
continue across the snowy fields at the foot of the Mädelegabel, then over the magnificent mountain meadows to the Mädelejoch.

  • Via the Bockarscharte: 4 hours, 550 m elevation gain,
    6.52 km

Prinz-Luitpold-Haus – Edmund-Probst-Haus

This scenic route between huts offers a unique experience in terms of Alpine flora. With several exposed sections, it requires both sure-footedness and a head for heights.

  • 4 hours, 726 m elevation gain, 9.5 km

Kemptner Hütte – Prinz-Luitpold-Haus

A particularly demanding day stage that requires excellent
fitness but impresses with not just the Höfats, the landmark
of the Allgäu Alps, but also the sheer natural diversity.

  • 7 hours, 1,351 m elevation gain, 16 km

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